Terms And Conditions And Refund Policy

Course Fee

English Wise reserves the right to set, review, and vary its course fees without notice. You are required to pay your course fee in full prior to commencing your course.

Course Fee Deposit

• Pay a Course Fee Deposit of no less than 50% of your full course fee to reserve a seat in the next batch.
• Please Note that the Course Fee Deposit is a NON-Refundable payment made by you to English Wise to secure your enrolment on special discount/s. Please refer the refunds clause for further details.

Deferring Your Enrolment: You can

• Only defer your course by 14 days from the initial agreed start date without any penalty.
• Any other exceptions will not be made unless communicated in writing to the consultant or the branch manager explaining the unavoidable circumstances.
• The course can be deferred in special considerations to a maximum of 30 calendar days.
• Post 30 calendar days, your registration will no longer be valid, and you will be required to re-register by paying additional admin fee of INR 1000 to resume your course.
• If the enrolment is not deferred or communicated in writing to the branch manager or one of the branch consultants within the 14 days of course fee deposit, you will forfeit your Course Fee Allowance and deposit and will not be eligible for any refund.

Paying Your Course Fee: To start your enrolment at English Wise, you must

• Pay your Course Fee in full (less any Course Fee Deposit you may have paid) in a period not exceeding 7 calendar days from the date of you signing this form and accepting the terms of enrolment.
• No branch transfer is allowed for discounted and/or special price enrolments.
• Minimum of INR 1000 transfer fee will be charged if you wish any branch transfers with full price enrolments.

Complaints and Feedback

• Should you have any complaints or feedback to share, please write it to the respective branch manager via email. All the complaints will be replied to within 3 business days from the date of receipt of email during business hours. If the complaint concerns a criminal offence, then English Wise is obliged to inform the NSW Police immediately.
• Ideally, all non-criminal complaints will be attempted to be resolved with relevant staff or student/s at the earliest opportunity.
• The complaints procedure herein is available to every student in the event of a grievance in relation to a refund claim.
• However, this agreement and availability of complaints process do not take away the student’s right to further action under India’s consumer protection laws or pursue other remedies. The jurisdiction of any legal obligation lies in India

Code of Conduct: All English Wise students must comply with the following:

• Must commence their classes on the date stated in their enrolment form. If this is not possible, students must inform English Wise in writing at least 48 hours prior to commencement of classes subject to the Terms and Conditions set by English Wise and reviewed from time to time, of which this summary forms a part.
• Must not engage in any activity that endangers their safety and that of other students, instructors, and other staff at English Wise.
• Must ensure requirements are met and maintained for their own welfare and that of any other person.
• Must pay the required course fee when their enrolment is accepted, and always prior to commencement of classes. Must inform English Wise immediately of any changes to their visa status, and if they wish to defer or suspend or withdraw from their course.
• Must not engage in defamation act against English Wise or its employees in any way on any social platform.
• Must be punctual to the class and be respectful of the workplace and considerate to their fellow students and English Wise staff members.

Disclaimer: English Wise does not represent or guarantee that any student will

• Be accepted for enrolment at English Wise, regardless of their score in the English Language Tests.
• English Wise does not guarantee that you will achieve the desired score but claims to help you improve your exam writing skills through the tutoring.
• Successfully achieve the desired score in the English Proficiency Test of their choice after completing their course at English Wise.
• English Wise accepts no liability for any unexpected interruption in services through events such as staff strikes, electricity failure, floods, and other similar events and which may cause cancellation of classes.

Breach of Terms and Conditions

Any breach of terms and conditions mentioned herein or revised and announced by English Wise from time to time, may result in the termination of the student’s enrolment, with or without any notice.

 Refund Policy

All refunds are subject to the following conditions.

• For any software purchases, no refunds are accepted in any circumstances      once you have paid and software is upgraded.

English Wise Declaration

• English Wise will not disclose your information to any 3rd parties.
• English Wise reserves the right to use particular information, including but not limited to, your name, gender, age, photo (if provided), English Proficiency Test Scores etc. for use in their internal and external communications, including but not limited to marketing and promotional activities online, on digital platforms, newspapers, magazines etc.
• Any media content created in English Wise premises are property of English Wise and can be used at their discretion.

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